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Improve Your Home Lighting

Improve Your Home Lighting

Improve Your Home’s Lighting

Improve Your Home Lighting

This is how you can do it:

Lighting can make or break the feel of any room in your home. Whether you’re looking for a cozy and warm atmosphere or a bright and airy vibe – your lighting is crucial in setting the mood for your space.

Maximize Natural Light:

Depending on your home’s orientation, you may have an abundance of natural light at your disposal. In South Africa, North facing homes tend to have the best natural light, but depending on how your home is laid out, you could receive light from every angle. Be sure to keep your windows clean, and utilize blinds and light filtering curtains to improve lighting throughout the day. Natural light is a gift and is free.

Use Dimmers When Possible:

Dimmers not only allow you to instantly change the room’s atmosphere, but they can also help you save on your energy bill. Install dimmer switches in as many rooms and on as many lighting fixtures as possible. This will give you total control over your lighting in individual spaces. Dimmer switches work well with chandeliers, pendants, floor lamps, downlights, wall lights, and other ceiling lights. Dimmers can also be a great tool to balance artificial light with natural light.

Incorporate Reflective Surfaces:

Strategically placed mirrors and metallic finishes will bounce light around in any room or space. Have fun.

Change to LED Light Bulbs:

LED Light bulbs can have a significant impact on energy conservation and save on energy costs. LED light bulbs can reduce your energy use by as much as 75%. If purchased from reputable outlets, such as LightStore, these bulbs are usually backed by a manufacturer’s warranty giving you peace of mind.

Make a lighting fixture a focal point:


Elegant or abstract, lighting fixtures can tie in the style of an entire room or space. Think about placing your lighting fixture where it will draw a significant amount of attention. Consider placing chandeliers or pendant clusters in larger rooms, such as dining rooms, family rooms, entrances, or double-volume areas.  Use floor lamps and table lamps in smaller rooms, such as your office, bedrooms, or seating areas.  Be daring, be bold, be brave, and have fun with your lighting layout.

Layer Your Lighting:

For optimal balance it is recommended that you utilize, where possible, the three primary lighting layers as these will make a significant difference to the overall lighting of any space. These lighting layers include ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.  Multiple lighting layers and various light sources will also give you the option to control the level of brightness for a specific area and allow you to highlight the extra details used to finish off the space.

Select a New Lampshade:

Lampshades make more of an impact on a room than you may think. A light-colored lampshade can assist to diffuse light while a dark-colored lampshade can concentrate light. Use lampshades as “fashion items” to regularly and economically change the look and feel of your space.

Exterior lighting:


Outdoor lighting enhances your home’s curb appeal and improves security. Flood lights on sensors are a great way to help secure your home without detracting from its intended lighting design. Well placed landscape lighting will always elevate a home’s appeal. String lights installed in a garden will create a romantic and warm feel which is awesome for entertaining during warm evenings.

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